Now the Kingdom of Aternia is no more, now a mere vassel of the Ker'nadian Empire. The new army / navy now in turmoil after years of fighting and the merge with the Ker'nadian navy now has a long road to rebuild the kingdom and its defenses a. New settlers are dispatched by Ker'nadia to help rebuild the kingdom and restart their economy as well as a few advisors and ships but not much can be spared for Ker'nadia is fighting a war of its own many weeks sailing to the south of Aternia. Now a new threat has emerged, through dark magic or just nature having some fun, The dead have started rising around the world. Now this is bad for all nations but Aternia is hit espcicially hard with fresh battlefields and sunken vessels all around the islands near Aternia have made the region especially infested with the dead. The First dead ships have been sighted on the horizon and the Aternian navy (whats left of it) mobilizes to face this new threat just as the first ship of new colonists arrives in the region…

Melinda stepped onto the docks of the bustling town, raining pounding down on top of them, robes of white and crimson soaked. She walked beside a man dressed in full navy uniform, medals and stripes adorning his chest and shoulders.

“I want to know who the hell Captains those ships!” She demanded, pushing her soaked hair out of her eyes.

“We havn’t a clue. We have taken down many but none of the men aboard know anything of what happened to them.” The man answered.

“What do you mean! They are made of bones. How in the hell can a ship made of bone with no sail match our Navy?” The Queen responded, distressed.

“I havn’t an answer for you, but we will.” He answered quickly.

Melinda swore, “You better, they are sinking ships from our Navy. I want the head of the one giving them their orders.”

“Not just our ships, the entire Ker’nadian Navy is under assault”

“Lovely. Fix it, Admiral. The Ker’nadian Navy needs you.” She said sarcastically, turning on the heel of her foot.

“You mean the Aeternian Navy” The admiral responded candidly.

“There wasn't a navy before we got here, just a bunch of hired mercenaries. You had a civil war on your hands and we handled it. And they're attacking you as much as us.” she responded giving him a glare over her shoulder.

“...And you are more than just aligned with us. You're part of the empire now, deal with it or you will be dismissed.” she added.

The commander gave her a death glare before stalking off. Not that she blamed him for being upset, his men were dying. But she wasn't going to have him causing issues, with the Capital in the middle of a power struggle, and now faced with this new naval war neither of them asked for. They would have a better chance of defeating this enemy together. Besides the Admiral had always been a loyal soldier since the day he first donned his armor. Ah well a trouble for another day, she thought. For today let’s focus on killing these damned bone ships. As she walked at a brisk pace, water splashing behind each step.